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Silvia Cupeiro's brides cross borders and approach the U.S. market. Check out our collections for inspiration or to find your ideal dress.
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Aro Dress
Carefree, comfortable and dynamic dress. It is designed for a daring and sensual bride and is complemented by a Spanish style shawl.
Luar Dress
A mix between bohemian and daydreamy style
Brétema Dress
With a romantic and sweet touch will make you feel like a queen
"buxaina" Collection

This collection is inspired by the stories of my childhood. Stories with which I have grown up and that over the years have served me as a source of inspiration. All these memories together with my love for nature and the Galician forests, I have managed to create the collection “Buxaina”, magical and filled with fantasy.

"I" Collection

I am very lucky to live by the sea, that’s why I wanted to dedicate the “I” Collection to this wonderful space that surrounds me. Now that I am writing this, I am thinking: 
How long it has taken me to see this environment as a source of inspiration!!!!
It comforts me to think that “all good things come to those who wait”.
The sea and the wind have left us dresses of simple cuts with brocades, piques, flowing and elegant fabrics, without losing an ounce of comfort.

"H" Collection

I love the rain, the cold, the foggy days and the warmth of my stove. Why am I telling you all this? Because the “H” Collection was born in a moment of retreat. Enjoying it all, it enlightened me, came to light and was transformed in our atelier into what you are about to see and enjoy.
I invite you to discover new fabrics, navigate among lace and get to know this collection.

"G" Collection

From a brightly lit corner of my atelier, sitting in my favorite armchair and looking at my previous collections, the “G” Collection began to form in my mind.
It came out of a compilation of many ideas abandoned at the time, ideas from previous collections, ideas that for some reason remain waiting for their opportunity.

"F" Collection

With the “F” Collection I wanted to reflect a new moment for women.
I have tried to capture in all the designs of this collection a strong, independent, valuable and full of vitality woman. I would like you to join me on this new journey, with a millenium style without abandoning my romantic essence.

"E" Collection

I love reading, enjoying nature, hugging trees and chatting with grandmothers when free time will allow me to do so. When I can combine all these pleasures, I start creating, doodling, dreaming and sketching.
This is how the “E” collection was born.

"D" Collection

The “D” collection means a turning point in my career. From the first sketch to the last, I looked at it and wondered what was happening to me with it.
The answer came a few months later….
Without imagining it, this collection gave me the best of my career to this day.