Silvia Cupeiro

BUXAINA Collection

ARO Bridal Dress

A casual, comfortable and at the same time dynamic wedding dress.
It is a cross-cut dress with a belt for closure. With a large side opening and a small fall at the back of the skirt, it comes with a Spanish-Style shawl.

  • Crossed cut dress
  • Large side opening
  • Crossover neckline
  • Armhole sleeves
  • Belt for closure
    • Can be attached with a brooch or a knot.
  • Small drop at the back of the skirt.
  • No back neckline
  • Spanish style shawl with bangs.

Satin-effect triacetate

Luar Bridal Dress

A warm spring breeze sways Luar with its bohemian and dreamy mix. Designed with a chiffon skirt cut in three-quarter layer and tail, we join its front part with embroidered plumeti tulle making a V-neckline.

  • Skirt and train cut in 3 layers.
  • Waist has an embroidered tulle peplum.
  • Front part in plumeti tull embroidered in cotton with floral motifs.
  • V-neckline.
    Front and back with transparency.
  • Mother-of-pearl buttons on the back.
  • Plumeti puffed sleeves finished with an embroidered cuff in cotton to match the same fabric and closing with pearlized buttons.

Skirt made in 3/4 layer, all in chiffon.
Lining and crepe in ivory with chiffon.
Embroidered tulle peplum.
tull plumeti embroidered in cotton with floral motifs.
Pearly buttons

Bretema Bridal Dress

With its relaxed, romantic and sweet look, it will make you feel like the doll of the party.
Its straight skirt in faux pleated chiffon is adorned with a puffed top and a square neckline featuring a beautiful pencil sleeve.

  • Straight skirt.
  • Bloused top with square neckline.
  • Square neckline.
  • Lace to match the neckline.
  • Pernil sleeves.
  • Chiffon dress with faux pleated effect.
  • Lined buttons.
  • False pleated chiffon faux pleated train attached by hook and eye fasteners and  loops at the back of the waist.

Square neckline with polyester lace with geometric details.
Leg sleeves with lace trim.
Buttons lined with lace.
Straight skirt composed of lining, georgette and chiffon.
False pleated chiffon false pleated tail.
Hooks and loops at the back of the waist.

Amencer Bridal Dress

A set consisting of a dress and jacket that initially takes us back to the early twentieth century with a contemporary feel. When you discover it you see that it is an authentic millennial dress, comfortable, fresh and subtle that surprises you with its elegance and versatility.

  • Chiffon dress with crossover neckline.
  • V-neckline in the front and back.
  • Layered skirt.
  • The lace that complements it (optional).
  • Jacket inspired by 1900’s fashion.
  • Puffed sleeves.
  • Lace trim at collar, waist and cuffs.

Chiffon dress.
Crystal organza jacket.

Clarexa Bridal Dress

It promises us a magical journey, full of fairy tales and illusions.
Princess dress with cut under the chest and strapless neckline, made of plumetti tulle and embroidered tulle with wide skirt. The finishing touch comes with its rustic linen cape.
For a dreamy, delicate and sweet bride.

  • Princess dress with cut under the chest.
  • Neckline with straps.
  • Wide flounce skirt.
  • Rustic linen cape combined with embroidered tulle.
  • Wide sleeves.
  • Hood.

Rustic Linen.
Embroidered tulle.
Tulle Plumetti.

ABRENTE Bridal Dress

A peaceful and romantic bride with a simple dress that makes the difference with its lace jacket, lace and doilies.
Vintage style dress with square neckline and lace on the chest. 
Flocked plumetti tulle coat, open at the front that leaves transparencies on the arms, with puffed sleeves and lace cuffs.

  • Dress with vintage air
  • Square neckline and lace on the chest. 
  • Armhole sleeves
  • Coat of flocked plumetti tulle, open in front and transparent.
  • Puffed sleeves
  • Lace cuff.

Flocked tulle plumetti coat.

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Firma de Silvia Cupeiro diseñadora de vestidos de novia en Galicia, España.