Silvia Cupeiro

"H" Collection

Heloisa Bridal Dress

If you are looking for elegance and perfection:
Heloisa is the one!

  • Asymmetrical chiffon dress with puffed sleeves.
  • Adorned with a large bow on the shoulder.
  • Fitted at the waist with striped tulle.
  • Long detachable cape attached to the shoulder.
  • On the side of the cape there is a small blind to put the ring finger so that the bride can play with it and give it flight.
  • The bow can be replaced by a beautiful rhinestone.

Made all in chiffon with crepe base.
Both fabrics are 100% polyester.
Waist, cuffs and bow made with striped tulle.
Buttons lined with the same fabric.
Long detachable cape fastened at the shoulder by a hook and large bow to match the waist that can be removed.

Honorata Bridal Dress

Honorata is a tribute to the old west and the Cowboy women of the 19th century.

  • Embroidered plumeti tulle dress.
  • Flounced sleeves
    V-neckline and back on transparencies.
  • Cut at the waist.
  • Buttons on sleeves and back.

The upper part is made of embroidered plumeti with applications superimposed on the tulle.
Neckline and back transparencies in plumeti.
Skirt made of the same embroidered tulle in three curly cuts to give volume.
Composed of three layers: lining + gauze + plumeti.
White mother-of-pearl buttons on sleeves and back.

We know that every bride is unique
Just tell us what kind of bride you are!

Firma de Silvia Cupeiro diseñadora de vestidos de novia en Galicia, España.