Silvia Cupeiro

"I" Collection

Imperio Bridal Dress

Imperio with its timeless look, sweet with a calm and relaxed character.

  • Chiffon dress with puffed sleeves.
  • V-neck in the back.
  • Sleeves finished with Guipure at the cuff.
  • Curled shoulder pads.
  • Curly chiffon skirt.
  • Guipur belt.
  • Buttons: Lined with the pulley fabric of the dress.
  • Waist and cuffs have a guipure lace with floral patterns

It is all made in chiffon with crepe base.
Polyester in body and skirt.
Chiffon sleeves.
Lined buttons.
Waist and cuffs with Guipur lace with floral patterns of 7 cm wide.
Guipur lace with floral patterns on the shoulders.

Indra Bridal Dress

Created for those brides who want a different dress with freshness, casual, comfortable and fun.

  • Set of skirt and blouse.
  • Chiffon blouse with embroidered straps and shirt collar.
  • Midi skirt of double layer of chiffon with embroidered waist.
  • The skirt is made with 32 Nesgas making a double layer with a midi length.
  • Waistband matching the front and back straps of the blouse and cuffs. 
  • Buttons on the front hidden by a flap.

Blouse made entirely of chiffon with shirt collar.
Two strips of lace with floral motifs on the front.
One strip of lace with floral motifs on the back.
Skirt with 32 Nesgas.
Lined chiffon buttons.

Ines Bridal Dress

Represents the origins of simplicity and the security of the classic.

  • Set made up of a straight midi dress with V-neck neckline and made with a piqué fabric and a long skirt with overlapping planks and princess cut of the same fabric.
  • It is a two-in-one. 
  • Straight dress.
  • American neckline in the front. 
  • V-neckline in the back.
  • Sleeveless dress with pronounced V-neck armholes.
  • Designed with planks and princess cut with pockets on the sides.
  • The overskirt at the back closes with zipper and buttons.

Straight midi dress made with Piqué fabric.
Skirt made with the same fabric as the dress.
Removable overskirt.
Lined buttons with the same fabric.

Irina Bridal Dress

If you are looking for simplicity and elegance we would love to introduce you to Irina.

  • Strapless dress with V-neck.
  • Open back finished with buttons and zipper.
  • Empire cut with Guipur belt.
  • Layered skirt with ruching on the front.

Strapless dress made in Guipur.
Guipur lace with geometric motifs in straps and waist.
Lined buttons.



Isabella Bridal Dress

From the union of Irina and a coat designed specifically for
this design, Isabella was born.
With a free and sophisticated air, surprise your guests with this two-piece.

  • Pleated plumetti tulle coat with guipure details on the body and sleeves with halter neckline.
  • Back with a large pleated tail.
  • Coat made in one piece with its long tail and two buttons on the back of the collar.
  • Coat finished with guipure lace at the waist, cuffs and collar.

Pleated plumetti tulle coat.
Guipur details.
Guipur lace at the waist, cuffs and collar.
Gipurlace on the body and tail.

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